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The queen bought the estate two years later and the couple and their children spent many happy summers at Balmoral, but it was after the sudden death of her husband in that she began to rely more heavily on Brown who became her closest servant. Everyone else lived in fear of the queen and Brown was the only person who treated her like a normal person.

John Brown

He once upbraided her for demoting a footman to the kitchen after he accidentally dropped a tray in her bedroom. Brown asked if she had never dropped anything in her life? The footman was reinstated to his post. Nothing can be proved about the later period.

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  • Prince Albert enjoyed spending time with Brown and allowed him freedoms granted only to a very trusted servant. His duties soon encompassed more than leading a horse.

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    There were rumors of a romance and a secret marriage, and Victoria was called Mrs. Brown treated the queen in a rough and familiar, but kind manner, which she relished.

    John Brown, Queen Victoria's Highland Servant.

    Victoria gave him gifts and created two medals for him:. John Brown took it upon himself the task of bringing bad news to the queen.

    Victoria also sent him to inquire about the sick and dying. His presence was always a sign of the special and personal sympathy of Queen Victoria. In March , John Brown worked seven-day weeks despite fever and chills. The cause of death was erysipelas , a streptococcal infection.

    John Brown by Raymond Lamont-Brown

    With him, I lose not only one Servant, but a real friend. The inscription on his gravestone shows the affection between him and Queen Victoria:.

    The Times published an obituary of Brown which Queen Victoria had written herself. Her physician Sir James Reid did as she requested without the knowledge of her family.