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The three OE. Sorry, I can't do Greek letters without a different font, and I've used 3 for yogh. My impression is that in English, -gild and -geld are both common, but that the were- spellings, if included at all, could safely be marked archaic.

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But IANA historian. It does seem as if it would be good either deliberately to omit 'Wehrgeld' or to show that it's not only archaic but apparently involved an etymological misconception. BTW: 'eric'? What's an eric? Rhetorical question, not seriously saying we should get into that in this same thread And do we have 'bloodwite'?

I use the "insert symbol" functionality with the Arial Unicode MS font. There seem to be some problems with yogh, though. The Unicode version or maybe it's just the font? It should be at code hex 21D. One can get close by substituting the very similar looking "ezh" character instead. However, the "ezh" character won't display in LEO's entry mask when pasted with IE and is simply displayed as a square Comment Norbert. Now that you mention it, I'm not sure if that was a yogh or an ezh, because I'm not sure I know what an ezh izh. Or a wynn, for that matter.

I'm good with ash, thorn, and eth, though.

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In general, I don't get that nice long list of symbols, and other people's only display as little boxes or question marks. But thanks for the suggestion re Greek letters. Comment Re: ash.

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Thanks for furthering my education. Oy vey! Furthermore, severe ICP was associated with a MDR3 mutation, which has already been described in adult patients with liver cirrhosis.

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Therefore, genetic testing should be considered in women with severe as well as early onset ICP. Furthermore, regular follow-up should be discussed for women with genetic variants. Die Symptome klingen zeitnah nach der Entbindung ab, ein Rezidiv in nachfolgenden Schwangerschaften ist jedoch zu erwarten. Nocte Obducta remains one of the most remarkable black metal projects ever to emerge on the metal scene.

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  • With lyrics sang only in German, it is truly a significant group among other blasphemous acts. The new digipak edition of the album is limited to copies. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. Label: Metal Mind Records Cat. Der Durst In Meinen Augen 3.

    Certificates of proof of ancestry › Page 26

    Totgeburt 6. HOME News. Nocte Obducta? Metal Mind Productions sp.