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Realizing that not all African Americans will embrace sovereign values, Aharone uniquely specifies how a Sovereign Evolution can mutually advance the best interests of us all, without conflict or compromise to core beliefs of anyone. Accordingly, the book sets a platform to infuse sovereign discourse into mainstream domains that reach from street corners of the hoods, to Black universities, to church congregations, to the halls of Congress. The advent of President Barack Obama indicates a necessary and long-awaited political shift in time and history, which also conveys veiled implications of our sovereign potentials as a people.

What once seemed politically improbable has proven to be politically achievable. Our only political limitations exist within the limits of our vision and courage. To this end, Ezrah Aharone factually sculpts the sociopolitical substance of our historical experience into a sovereign consciousness and political language to initiate a Manifest Destiny from Civil Rights to Sovereign Rights.

In this context, the sovereign concepts and criteria presented are far more rational than radical. This work offers the ideological apparatus to make this possible, just as others are doing all around the globe. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals.

EP Ezrah Aharone’s The Sovereign Psyche Conscientization podcast

Ezrah Aharone. Rated 24th Best Black Book of Inside Black Hollywood Magazine From emancipation to segregation to integration, African Americans exist today by virtue of a continuum of political evolutions, each of which is built upon prior legacies and achievements. Of course, the imperial policy of the United States has continued to be one of non-recognition, denial, and wardship under the state of Hawai'i. This condition of wardship has meant, for example, that the federal government negotiates only with the state of Hawai'i rather than with the Hawaiian people when Hawaiian issues are at stake.

The State, meanwhile, has used the lands of the Hawaiian Homes trust, some , acres, and the ceded lands trust, nearly two million acres, for its own purposes. In the meanwhile, the civil rights of Hawaiians continue to be abused as documented in reports by the Hawai'i Advisory Committee to the U.

Manifest destiny

Commission on Civil Rights December Abandonment has been the policy of the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton Administrations. All three Presidents have asserted that no trust obligation on the part of the federal government exists.

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In practical terms, this has meant no oversight of state actions by the federal government. In , the U. Congress passed the Apology Bill in which it is acknowledged that " Despite the hopefulness which greeted the passage of the Apology Bill in Hawai'i, nothing substantive has changed regarding federal policy toward Hawaiians.

While "reconciliation" between the Hawaiian people and the American government is cited, no process or mechanism for reconciliation is included in the Bill.

In its Master Plan, Ka L The goals of reconciliation are listed as follows:. Final resolution of the historic claims relating to the overthrow; to state and federal misuse of Native trust lands and resources; to violations of human and civil rights; and to federal ly held lands and resources. The essential elements of reconciliation are: termination of the U. Federal recognition of Ka L A commitment to decolonize Hawai'i through the United Nations process for non-self-governing territories. Restoration of traditional lands, natural resources, ocean and energy resources is to be made to the Ka L These lands shall be segregated from other public lands.

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The process of termination of wardship is detailed in the Master Plan and involves legislation by the state to segregate all Hawaiian trust lands and assets from the general public lands and assets and transfer them to the National Land Trust of the Hawaiian Nation. In the area of Economic Development, the Master Plan calls for the establishment of the National Land Trust, jurisdiction over its assets and revenues; the powers of taxation; community-based economic development; and international trade agreements.

On International Issues, the Plan reiterates the call for decolonization, self-government, and re-inscription on the U. Subsequent legislative measures amended the law to delete all references to the right of the Hawaiian peoples to "form a nation of their own choosing" and authorizing the HSEC a board appointed by the Governor to initiate a vote and constitutional convention.

The HSEC law also provided that nothing arising from the vote or convention would "alter These limitations mean that Hawaiians will have a paper nation, but no land, money or right of self-governance.

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In response, sovereignty groups and Ka L Despite the overwhelming rejection of the state initiative, the HSEC incorporated a non-profit known as H Hawai'i to proceed with a convention which will allow 85 Hawaiians to draft a constitution. This process denies the remaining , Hawaiians their right to create a nation of their own choosing.

Throughout Hawai'i, sovereign 'ohana families entities and groups are calling for the recognition of their right to self-determination as defined under the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights ICCPR. This means that the peoples themselves define their political status and their economic, social and cultural development. As the Hawaiian sovereignty movement grows stronger, state and federal governments have increased their activities to circumvent Hawaiian nationhood.

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Police intimidation, arrests and criminal prosecution of Hawaiians are increasing as Hawaiians resort to acts of civil disobedience and resistance. Occupations by Hawaiians of traditional sacred places and burial grounds are expanding. Native Hawaiians have begun to use the Federal Apology Bill American Public Law as evidence that the Congress and President Clinton have admitted the illegality of the overthrow, violations of international law and deprivation of our right to self-determination.

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As one Hawaiian kupuna elder put it, "read the Apology Bill -- we are the evidence -- not the crime. We'll never give up our lands or our culture and we'll never give up self-determination. We're fighting for our keiki children and mo'opuna grandchildren now.