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In this way, they can help each other to write the lines of their character. To help the students understand what each character is saying, you can slow down the scene. Alternatively, if you are watching a clip on YouTube, you can slow down the speed of the video in the Settings menu. Finally, have students practice reading the script and move around the classroom to help with any pronunciation issues. When students are familiar with the words, have them watch the video again and focus on the emotion of the characters.

Which words do they particularly emphasize?

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When do they speak more loudly or quietly? Have students make notes about these different aspects on their scripts and practice the scene in their groups again. Play the scene and have all the students read along at the same time as their character. This will encourage them to focus on connected speech and stressing key words in each line. Do this a couple of times for students to become familiar with the speed at which their character speaks.

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When students can comfortably read their part of the video, have them do the same task without playing the sound. Divide the class into groups with two sets of characters in each. If possible, students can do this activity whilst playing the clip on their own mobile devices so they can pause it and give feedback as necessary. The final stage is for the students to record themselves reading the script and then play their audio alongside the movie clip. Then have a vote on which group has the best lip-syncing skills, who sounds the most emotionally authentic, who puts on the best British accent, and other categories you think will be fun.

Here are some links to other movie adaptations for you to work with:. I found this helpful. I did not find this helpful. February 7, Activity 1: A kindness calendar The moral of the story in A Christmas Carol is that we should be kind to others and generous with what we have. Oliver Twist As a young orphan in a workhouse, poor Oliver works long hours and gets very little in return.

Activity 3: Dubbing a scene from the movie After reading the novel, show the students a clip from a movie adaptation of the story, such as this version from Grade Level. Resource Type. Log In Join Us.

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These are comprehension questions to be used with "Oliver Twist". It is broken down by chapters with questions for each chapter. This is a great version for ESL students or emerging re. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Worksheets , Assessment , Literature Circles. More Trouble For Oliver. A Change for Oliver. More Secrets. Beginnings and Endings. Comprehension Check Answer Key. Vocabulary Check Answer Key. Young Oliver. Fagins Game. The Locket.